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August 5, 2021 BirckBark Foundation for help. Together with our vet partner, VCA Animal Hospital of Santa Cruz. BirchBark caught up with Benni and his dad a couple of weeks later and were rewarded with deep gratitude and sloppy kisses from a happy Benni.
August 5, 2021 Benni Boy is a sweet 9 yr old pitbull with a face that melts hearts, as he did his dad's when he first found him wandering the streets of NY City, scared and covered in mange. When Benni suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with bladder stones his dad reached out to
August 4, 2021 @rollca49 @APACats @APACats can tell you directly. Their website is:
August 4, 2021 A Good Samaritan found this injured sweet kitten near Applebee's and brought her to @NEHumaneSociety in pain and needing help. She needed a hernia repaired and unfortunately her leg needed to be amputated. She has now recovered and been adopted! DDAF's grant helped w/her care.

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